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A Haunting in the Hotel

At the Tri Wyrd convention June 21-24, 2012 in Costa Mesa, CA, Charon Pictures produced two paranormal-themed events involving the Los Angeles Ghost Patrol:

LAGP: A Haunting in the Hotel

For one night only, the Los Angeles Ghost Patrol invited first time paranormal investigators to participate in a realistic simulated haunting. Armed with actual ghost hunting equipment, small teams explored dark rooms, empty hallways and staff-only corridors, searching for anything out of the ordinary. LAGP investigators Tyler, Carol and Sam guided participants in an EVP session and instructed players in techniques to contact (and sometimes provoke!) entities from the beyond. Players were encouraged to use cameras & cell phones to capture personal evidence, then upload it to a Facebook page documenting the haunted WyrdCon experience.

LA Ghost Patrol ARG

During the Con the story continued as players helped the LAGP investigate the hotel’s paranormal history by collecting the personal objects of the missing family contacted during the live event. Golden envelopes were soon found scattered around the hotel, cryptic messages from the mysterious Order of Umbra. There may or may not have been a secret initiation ceremony at midnight in a candle-lit room for those who proved themselves worthy of membership into the Order’s ancient ranks.

The LAGP has conducted dozens of investigations in the Southern California area, some of which are showcased on their website They have appeared on TV investigating the Magic Castle and are committed to finding real evidence of the paranormal. Last year, as part of a very fictional alternate reality, the team stumbled into a centuries-old story of dangerous shadow figures controlled by a mysterious order.

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